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Lyre's Alcohol Free Coffee Originale Liqueur 70cl


A Superb Alcohol Free Coffee Liqueur - similar to Tia Maria

"If like me your absolute go to cocktail is an espresso martini then you'll be just as splendidly shocked as I was to discover this beauty! It's uber luxurious, soft, indulgent and believe it or not guilt free too. Clearly the pros were hard at work with this one, because it really does taste as good as the real deal. It's got notes of caramel, toasted nuts, and vanilla, and it deserves to be front and center in your drinks cabinet.

This is one to get inventive with - if you fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist then buy yourself a bottle and get right down to business. Equally this is a product that I love to use when I bake - just think of the icing you can make with this lovely stuff!" 

  Alcohol Free - 0% ABV
 70cl Bottle

Lyre's Alcohol Free Coffee Originale Liqueur 70cl