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Château de Berne Grand Récolte Ida Rosé



"Proudly presenting the most pretty-in-pink addition to our collection of online exclusive wines - Grand Récolte Ida! This bottle will make you spontaneously text all your friends to say, ‘Get here in half an hour, we’re cracking one open’. It’s the absolute epitome of summer in a glass. A vibrant and seriously fruity drop that can be drunk anytime, anywhere and will conjure memories of the most delicious fruit salad you ever did eat.
Best served in a large icy glass alongside a whopping great plate of British BBQ goodness."

 Grenache Noir, Cinsault, Merlot, Carignan and Cabernet-Sauvignon 
 ABV - 13% 
 Vintage - 2019


    Château de Berne Grand Récolte Ida Rosé