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Exceptional food and wine pairings for our wines

The perfect pairings of our wines with food

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      White 2022 AOP Côtes de ProvenceTerres de Berne

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      What are the best food and red wine pairings?

      Red wines are often full of character. Whether light or full-bodied, they must be carefully selected so that they harmonise and balance with accompanying dishes. The objective is then to find the food and red wine pairing that allows both the aromas of the wine and flavours of the food to develop. It can be difficult; it's sometimes best to ask for advice from experienced winegrowers and oenologists.
      For a wedding meal or a milestone event, it is recommended to start the meal with a light and supple red wine,  increasing the power of the red wine over the course of the meal, adapting to the flavours of your menu.
      The Chateau de Berne estate recommends the Terres de Berne red cuvée, vintage 2019. This AOP Côtes de Provence has aromas of blackcurrant, liquorice and pepper. It goes wonderfully as an aperitif, and its fruity flavors make it the ideal red wine to savour with red meat, and Southern or Asian cuisine.
      The Grande Cuvée red from Château de Berne pairs magnificently with lamb confit in a bread crust or dark chocolate Bark and Orelys whiskey ice cream - the creation of pastry chef Eric Raynal, winner of the “Passion Dessert 2020” selection, from the Michelin Guide. This is available in the restaurant, Le Jardin de Berne.

      What are the best food and rosé wine pairings?

      Rosé wine has long had its place during summer, and as a refreshing wine by the pool; it is now revealing itself as a major asset on our dinner tables too. It is then a question of finding the perfect rosé wine to accompany your recipes, and getting the balance right between acidity, sugar and the fruity aromas.
      Are you planning a spicy meal with Mediterranean flavours? Are you debating the choice of wine? The Origin rosé cuvée from Ultimate Provence is an AOC Côtes de Provence that will charm you. This pairs perfectly with a delicious Moroccan tagine or a recipe from the South. Enjoy the beautiful freshness and intensity of the apricot and peach aromas of this contemporary rosé wine.
      For your Provençal dishes, you can count on the roundness and intensity of the fruity flavours of Chateau de Berne's Grande Cuvée rosé. This bottle of rosé will work wonders with grilled fish and sunny vegetables, braised langoustines or a salad of warm green beans from the garden with apricots and basil.

      What are the best food and white wine pairings?

      The choice of white wines requires some attention, due to the diversity of white cuvées. From sweet to dry white wine, the selection of white wines varies greatly depending on the dish they will accompany. We can easily recommend a sweet white wine to accompany foie gras, and bottles of dry white wine to taste seafood (fish, shellfish, seafood, etc.).
      To amaze your guests, we recommend the Grande Cuvée blanc, from the Berne estate. This Côtes de Provence controlled designation of origin, has a pretty intense colour and interesting complexity to accompany foie gras, fish or white meat. The Grande Cuvée blanc from the Château de Berne can also be enjoyed on a smoked potato, accompanied by a cream of bacon and seasonal black garlic. You will be charmed by its aromatic palate ranging from pain au lait to pineapple, via liquorice, grilled hazelnut and honey.
      For more freshness and elegance, why not turn to the Terres de Berne white cuvée? Full of sunshine, this white wine from Provence reveals aromas of pear and lemon, slightly lifted by a touch of liquorice. This aromatic complexity will do wonders with fish.

      What are the characteristics of Château de Berne cuvées?

      The Chateau de Berne estate and vineyard is located in the heart of nearly 1,000 hectares of nature, between olive trees, Aleppo pines, holm oaks and umbrella pines. Throughout the year, the Mediterranean climate offers sun and heat, making it possible to obtain grapes bursting with sugar and fully reflecting the expression of the Provençal terroir. In February 2021, the vineyard was awarded an organic status. The limestone soils of the 143 hectares of vines, help to produce the best wines from Provence - rosé, red and white wines are characterised by their finesse and elegance.
      The wines of Château de Berne in the Côtes de Provence and IGP Méditerranée appellations, find a beautiful balance and a nice freshness, whether in white, red or rosé wine. On the palate, we find fruity aromas, full of elegance and finesse.

      What are the characteristics of the Origin cuvée from Ultimate Provence?

      The UP Origin cuvée goes back to the sources of the magnificent terroir that gave birth to Ultimate Provence. The Origin cuvée of UP is an organic wine. The grapes are carefully selected for their exceptional juices - the sweet, fruity and spicy notes of Syrah, the velvet of a hint of Cinsault and the crystalline freshness of Rolle.

      Have the wines of the Domaine de Berne received any awards?

      The wines of the Chateau de Berne estate are regularly presented at various wine competitions, and several of our cuvées have received awards attesting to their quality. The Terres de Berne rosé 2019 received the gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole 2020, a competition which highlights the excellence of the gastronomy of French terroirs, by rewarding the best wines and supporting producers and their economic development. .
      The Inspiration 2020 rosé also won the gold medal at the Vins de Provence competition, where the best red, rosé and white wines in the Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence and Coteaux appellations are awarded. 
      Finally, the Château de Berne Pur 2021 cuvée obtained a star in the Hachette guide where the best bottles of wine and the best wine producers from French wine estates are awarded.