Comment choisir son vin anglais ?

How to choose your English wine?

For several years now, English wines have been on the rise. While it took some time and expertise for British winemakers to find their balance, they now offer excellent wines. So let's see how to choose an English wine .

British wines: selection criteria

To choose English wines , whether red wines, white wines, rosé wines, or even sparkling wines, you just need to take into account the same criteria as for any wine:

  • Food and wine pairing : generally speaking, red wines accompany red meats, strong cheeses and slow-cooked dishes. White wines and rosé wines are more often expected as an aperitif, with fish, with white meat, or even with dessert;
  • The vintage : each year, the qualities of the wine vary, particularly depending on the weather. Often the best English wines are young;
  • The grape variety : English wine producers work mainly with pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier, which are safe values.

Small presentation of English vineyards

We must admit, when we are looking for a good bottle of wine, we do not necessarily think of English wine. It must be said that the United Kingdom only has 2,000 hectares of vines , the majority of which are located in England and Wales.

However, for several years now, English wines have stood out, particularly with sparkling wines . With global warming, French Champagne house owners have decided to invest in English vineyards, where conditions are getting closer and closer to the weather we had in Champagne only a few decades ago.

For all other still wines, the difficulty of English vineyards is to deal with a climate that is too cold and not sunny enough for the vines to flourish. To adapt, enthusiasts of English wine and vines therefore had to find grape varieties capable of flourishing in a cool climate . We thus find the grape varieties of Champagne, including pinot noir and chardonnay, but we also find grape varieties that we rarely see elsewhere, such as bacchus or seyval.

The English vineyards of the MDCV group

If the MDCV group has 4 large vineyards in Provence , we also have 3 English vineyards , which allow us to broaden the range of wines that we offer.

The Silverhand Estate

Grown in the Kent countryside, the Silverhand Estate is dedicated to producing many types of wine, from sparkling to still wines in all 3 colors. The wine estate works biodynamically, in order to best respect the terroir and the vines, and produce a wine that perfectly reflects the English fauna and flora.

The Harlot estate

Located in Essex, the Harlot vineyards aim to produce the best English wines. To do this, winegrowers work the land and the vines with the greatest respect for nature, minimizing the environmental impact of production techniques. The objective is then to revolutionize the wine industry in England, by turning towards a viticulture focused on the future.

Kingscote Estate

The Kingscote estate extends in West Sussex, covering nearly 65 hectares of vines. Living to the rhythm of nature, the vineyard produces award-winning wines each year which clearly express the unique character of the best English wine estates.

English wines from our estates

After briefly presenting our vineyards, let's go into detail by describing the particularities of our best English wines .

  • Harlot - sparkling white brut : made from the 3 grape varieties of the traditional method of producing Champagne sparkling wine, as well as Bacchus, this sparkling white brut wine is full of surprises. We discover a wide aromatic palette, ranging from pear to ripe apricot, including elderflower. This sparkling wine works wonders during a festive and gourmet brunch;
  • Harlot - sparkling rosé brut : composed of bacchus, pinot meunier, chardonnay and pinot noir, this sparkling rosé seduces with its fruity aromas and fine, energetic bubbles. Here again, the flavors are multiple and delicious, ranging from strawberries to red apples and pears;
  • Silver Reign - sparkling white : made from the 3 flagship grape varieties of French Champagne, this bottle of sparkling white wine reveals all the charm of English sparkling wines. Gold medalist at the Effervescents du Monde 2022, this wine seduces with its notes of green apple, citrus and pear.

Over the years, English winegrowers have known how to stand out and prove their ability to produce excellent sparkling and still wines. The MDCV group thus works to promote English vineyards , by offering exceptional wines, with unique and surprising qualities.

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