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Provence Red Wine - A Rising Star In The Wine World

Provence Red Wine - A Rising Star In The Wine World

At The Wine Caverns we LOVE our Provence red wines, but some people aren’t onboard with them. Here’s our quick blog which answers the question ‘is Provence red wine actually any good?

A Wine Maker’s Paradise

Provence. The word screams lavender, beautiful country drives, hot sunshine, fabulous holidays and of course, lashings of rosé wine. We’re here to add red wine to that list!

The Provence region sits on the Med, it’s the oldest wine producing region in France and they certainly make a lot of the stuff. That’s because the climate there is perfect for grape growing. There’s plenty of sunshine in the days, cool evenings and a fresh breeze from the Med at night. Not to mention abundant wildlife, a variety of soil types and varied landscapes. The region really is a winemaker’s paradise.

Grapes, Grapes, and More Grapes

Spoiler alert – you need red grapes to make rosé! Provence is home to 1000s of red wine vines and plenty of red grape types. You’ll find the favourites there: Syrah, Granache, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as some less well known grapes like Carignan, Cinsault and Tannat.

The fact is that Provence rosé is a beast on the wine market, it seems to be everyone’s favourite summer tipple, so despite all the red grapes growing there red wine production is still small. But boy oh boy is it mighty when done right.

Red Wines for Every Palate

The varied landscape and grape types allow for all kinds of reds to be made. There’s everything from the rich & powerful to the light & delicate. Plus all the grape types can be blended to perfection to create a wine for everyone out there. If you’re keen to try some Provence red wines then check out these two fabulous examples from our favourite chateaux

Ultimate Provence Cotes de Provence Red Wine

This wine oozes with elegance - delicately spiced with scrumptious red berry notes, and a touch of dark chocolate on the finish.

Chateau de Berne Terres de Berne Provence Red Wine

This ruby rich delight is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Distinguished, powerful and bold. This velvety and supple wine is one to be savoured.


The Wine Caverns Team