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Is Wine In A Can Actually Any Good?

Is Wine In A Can Actually Any Good?

Over the last few years we’ve seen the rise of wine in a can, but some people still just aren’t on board with it. So we’ve put together four reasons as to why you should swap your bottles for cans this year.


The Convenient Can

  1. Portion Control – we know the danger of cracking open a full bottle. It’s what we do even if we just fancy one glass as a midweek treat. Well, a can gives you that power! Plus, it’ll mean that not a drop is wasted.
  1. The travel factor – have you ever taken a bottle to the park and been caught short with no bottle opener?! Say goodbye to that problem. Cans are super portable, and they best way to enjoy a glass over the city landscape. Plus you can take them into fairgrounds and festivals that don’t allow glass!


The Cost Factor

Similarly to Bag in Box wines, because less money is spent on packaging you’re getting more wine for the money you spend. Also, if you’re ever unsure about splashing your cash on a full bottle of wine, then try it in can format first, that way you’ll know you’re drinking what you love.


The Sustainable Side

We’ve covered the lack of wastage, but did you know that cans are a much better sustainable shopping choice? They use a lot less packaging then bottles do, and they are 100% and easily recyclable. Also, there’s less cost involved logistically as they travel compactly.


The Quality Factor

This is the big one. While sipping on a can might not be the most glamourous way to enjoy your wine, you will be sipping on the same wine that would come from a bottle (on the whole). For example, Harlot who put the exact same product into cans as they do bottles, so you know you’re getting quality.

If you’re keen to try some canned wines then check out these English Sparkling beauties, listed exclusively with The Wine Caverns – they won’t disappoint!



The Wine Caverns Team